Two Decades

Decided to try blogging on my birthday. Two decades. Yes, that up there is approximately how long I’ve been existing. I’ve finally stepped out of the teen years and into official adulthood (I guess?). Surprisingly, I feel older than I actually am, perhaps because of the hurdles thrown my way during the past few years. I’d say I’ve learnt a lot from them and grown from the experience.

My birthday starts with both my parents wishing me a happy birthday with wide smiles on their faces. They kept checking the time to make sure they didn’t miss the 12 a.m. mark. What they didn’t know was the present that was on my desk was actually for them (I told them it was to me from me). I passed them a handwritten letter that I had penned to them and waited patiently as they read it. They were rather confused as to why the “Nike” box was just a plain white shoe box when I unwrapped the gift wrapping paper. I definitely took them by surprise when they saw two smartphones in the box rather than Nike shoes and a bunch of make up that I had told them I was going to get. I totally pulled the It’s-my-birthday-and-you-can’t-scold-me-or-refuse-the-gift card when no one said anything for the first two minutes. By the way, thank you, Amaliyna and Rachel for following me to Lowyat and also my cousin, Shankri, Joycelyn, Joycelyn’s dad, Kah Mun and Wan Yee for helping me research. That was definitely the highlight of my birthday, managing to do something in return for my parents this birthday.

IMG_1700Started my morning with a cup of tea as usual. Got surprised with a bouquet by my parents. Turns out they went to get my my favourite flowers, peonies, but the florist had only one so they got me roses instead. Then, after lazing around for a bit, mum and dad decided to bring me to KLCC to get some stuff. We had some brunch at O’Briens because who says no to Irish sandwiches and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, right?  After having brunch, we made our way to Uniqlo to get some pants/leggings (Peggings/Treggings? I honestly have no idea what it’s called) because I was in dire need of new black trousers. Spent a shit ton of time at make up haven – Sephora. Got my eyebrows done at the Benefit Brow Bar using my complimentary brow waxing for my birthday. I added on the colour tint service as well. If you’re interested, go to the Benefit Brow Bar in Sephora KLCC and look for Susan. Very satisfied with the results. She threw in a makeover since it was my birthday and was free enough to do so. Thank you, Susan!


Apparently, the Naked Ultimate Basics Palette is sold out in Sephora, but thankfully, KLCC has the Urban Decay boutique. Finally, got my hands on the beautiful eyeshadow palette I’ve been having my eyes on for a long time. Muahaha. The only difference between five-year-old Ash and 20-year-old Ash is the former used to get excited about watercolour palettes and the latter gets excited over eyeshadow palettes…and also watercolour palettes. I tend to go crazy for art supplies. That would explain why after I had finished high school, I found myself staring at a massive amount of stationary stash in my art drawer.

After finishing up at KLCC, we headed to Lowyat to get phone covers for my parents’ new phones. You could tell how excited they were getting to choose a cover for their phones. We didn’t spend too much time in Lowyat. It was a Sunday and it was very crowded. Switched on the TV once we got back home and guess what was playing on TV…Harry Potter and the Death Hallows! Potter movies on a Potterhead’s birthday. Since, we ended up watching both Part 1IMG_1699 and 2, it was too late to head to Subang for Bubba Gump (Nooo, my shrimps). Got some chinese food at Jalan Ipoh instead and well, there was rice and I’m Asian and I hadn’t had rice in about 3 weeks so you can imagine my joy.

That on the side is a shower speaker Amaliyna and Rachel bought for me from Typo which is amazing! Thanks guys! That pretty much sums up my birthday. Thank you to everyone who called and posted on my Facebook/Instagram to send me well wishes.


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