Love to Manchester

I’ve spent the past hour crying as I keep myself updated with the terrorist attack in Manchester through CNN. My heart hurts so badly knowing that yet again, evil struck. This time on young children and teenagers. Those who left their homes, excited out of their minds to catch their favourite artist live.

Who would have expected such a thing to occur? Why would someone do that? I’ve lost loved ones but a parent losing their child? God, I can’t even imagine what must be going through their minds. What if I had said no to going to the concert or what if I had been there with them to protect them. All these thoughts bombarding their heads.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible attack. The young children, teenagers and adults who have lost their lives…I hope for nothing more than you resting in peace up there. To the people in that arena, injured and not injured, may you heal from this ruthless incident. The family and friends who have lost so so much within the span of a few minutes…it’s not easy and I don’t think there’s anything I can say because it isn’t easy to move on from losing loved ones. I pray that you stick together and remember your respective loved ones the way they should be remembered. Happy and full of life. To those of the Islamic religion, I hope you persevere from any hate thrown your way. Keep radiating positivity and love to those that need you.

I remember after the Brussel’s terror attack last year, I was upset and a friend of mine had taken it upon himself to share something with me and today, I’d like to share it here.


Although evil came knocking on Manchester’s doorstep, it is breathtakingly moving that for every terrorist, there is several thousand helpers. The police, the EMTs, paramedics, doctors and nurses, the anti-terrorism units, the taxi drivers offering their services to those who are in dire need to get away from the area, people opening up their homes to victims using the #RoomforManchester on Twitter, Holiday Inn taking in about 50 children and keeping them safe, people donating blood. Thank you, from one human being to another, for stepping up for someone else when they need you.

Manchester, stay strong and united! Sending lots of love your way and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.



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