Update: Niche?

So, this is more of a thoughts kind of post. I haven’t been able to blog much because unfortunately, I’m a perfectionist, ugh. I’d like to take this blog somewhere and hopefully, it’s narrowed down to not more than three niches.

I’ve kept pondering on it and asked some of my friends for their opinions as well. Some said they would love to see me open a YouTube channel for my covers instead of posting 1 minute videos on Instagram as well as blog about fitness, fashion and beauty. I’m a bit of a make-up junkie so I can see why they suggested it.

I’m also hoping to turn this into a lifestyle blog. But before I can do that, again because I’ve got that perfectionist trait in me and I love planning, I need to do a bit more research and understand what lifestyle blogging is exactly. I feel like the lines of lifestyle blogging is very blurred and I need to dive into it more to know what is defined as lifestyle blogging.

Hmm, maybe a trio then – lifestyle, beauty and fitness? Or baking? As you can tell by now, I’m still weighing my options. Hopefully, I can figure this out and be back in September with a revamped blog, hopefully a YouTube channel and a whole load of passion for the things I’ll be putting out there.

Comment below if you’ve got some advice or suggestions. I’d be happy to take a look at them.

Au revoir!

Update : Due to my hectic af schedule (ehem, A Levels and university applications, I’m looking at you), I’ll only get to breathe after mid-November. I will be back in December! Wish me luck!



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